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HQB40-60 Manual Cutter

HQB40-60 Manual Cutter

Shandong Boxing Huaxing Import and Export Co.,Ltd. provides HQB40-60 Manual cutter for clients.We are the factory which offers many companies stone machine with the best price for over 60 years.We are expecting our cooperation.

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Product Details

HQB40-60 Manual cutter

1.Parameters on HQB40-60 Manual cutter

Main Parameters 

1. Diameter of discs                                                               400/600mm

2. Cross stroke of disc                                                          1200mm

3. Vertical stroke of disc                                                        400/300mm

4. Rotation angle of main shaft holder                                  0°~90°

5. Area of trolley                                                                      2000*840mm

6. Stroke of trolley                                                                   3000mm

7. Total capacity                                                                     12.25kw

8. Main motor                                                                          11kw

9. Elevator reducer                                                                 0.75kw

10. Cross reducer                                                                  0.75kw

11. Pump motor                                                                      0.75kw

12. Overall dimension                                                            7000*2600*2200mm

13. Weight                                                                               2700kgs

2.Uses and features of HQB40-60 

Manual cutter is mainly used for the cutting and angle inverted processing of granite, marble, terrazzo and porcelain, etc.


1、Lengthen the crossbeam and make the cutting width increased to 1200mm.

2、Elevator motor and cross motor are adopted in this machine.

3、Widen the disc guard and increasing the power of main motor. It can be used for cutting no more than 160mm thickness of plates and slabs with 400~600mm diameters of disc.

4、Different diameters of belt pulley are added, which can be changed to adapt to different rotary speeds of discs.

5、This machine also has the function of marking and gaining after lengthening the main shaft.

6、The main body and trolley is connected together for easy to move and install.

7、It is easy to control and operate by using button station. 

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3. Company qualification


4. Product qualification 

As we have both the price and quality advantage, our machinery sells well all over the world. We can make production as customer’s requirements. And we can ensure the quality of our production and offer the best service .

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