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HMSJ180 Gantry Two-way Diamond Disc Stone Sawing Machine

HMSJ180 Gantry Two-way Diamond Disc Stone Sawing Machine

We offer the HMSJ180 Gantry Two-way Diamond Disc Stone Sawing Machine all year.We devoted ourselves to producing many years,covering most Americas market.We are expecting become your long-term partner in China.

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Product Details

HMSJ180 Gantry Two-way Diamond Disc Stone Sawing Machine


Main Parameters

1. Maximum diameter of vertical disc                                                       Φ1800mm

2. Maximum diameter of horizontal disc                                                   Φ600mm

3. Maximum cross stroke                                                                           3600mm

4. Maximum vertical stroke                                                                        1600mm

5. Rotary speed of main shaft                                                                    633rpm; 504rpm

6. Maximum distance from axis of main shaft to trolley                           2750mm

7. Area of trolley                                                                                           1700*1700mm

8. Size of stone block                                                                                  2500*1600*2000mm

9. Flow quantity of cooling water                                                                ≥12m³/ h

10. Pressure of cooling water                                                                     ≥0.2Mpa

11. Total capacity                                                                                         93.4kw

Main motor                                                                                                    75kw

Up-down motor                                                                                             3kw

Walking motor                                                                                              2.2kw

Horizontal cutting main motor                                                                     11kw

Horizontal cutting up-down motor                                                               0.55kw

Horizontal cutting swinging motor                                                               0.55kw

Water pump motor                                                                                       1.1kw

12. Overall dimension                                                                                  8370*6600*5500mm

13. Weight                                                                                                    10500kgs

2. Uses and features of the diamond disc stone sawing machine

1. When cutting block to the maximum depth with vertical disc, it also can complete the bottom horizontal cutting of block with horizontal disc. If the top of block is level, it can process from one layer to another directly. 

2. This machine has stable working conditions and high automation after adopting PLC controlling system. 

3. It is easy to unloading and with high ration of finished products. 

4. There are two cutting patterns of marble and granite in electric system. 


electric control cabinet 

3, showing of workshop 



International stone machinery brand layout in the Chinese market
The “bureau” of the stone machinery industry is also one of the reasons why Bailitong has not set up offices or factories in China.
“Bai Litong has set up offices and agents in many countries around the world such as India, Brazil, Dubai, etc., but China is an exception.” According to Wang Minhai, agent of Italian stone equipment company Bailitong China, China’s market demand capacity is huge. However, in the past, the price of domestic stone machinery was mostly low, the quality was not guaranteed, the service life was short, and the overall value was low. The price of foreign stone machinery products did not have any advantage in China, and it was impossible to digest such a huge demand volume.


5. news 

Stone production and processing enterprises demand diversified
The international stone machinery brand has accelerated the layout of the Chinese market. On the one hand, it has raised greater challenges for domestic stone machinery enterprises. On the other hand, it has also transmitted such information: China's stone enterprises are demanding high-quality mechanical products. .


6, welcome to our company and factory for visiting and inspection. we will show you around all workshop with machineries and communicate with you on tech in details.