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HMJ280 Gantry Diamond Disc Stone Sawing Machine

HMJ280 Gantry Diamond Disc Stone Sawing Machine

We offer diamond disc stone sawing machine for foreigners,the damond disc stone sawing with high quality is very popular in many countries.It's a long history for us to produce stone sawing machine,over 60 years.We hope we will get in and have a cooperation.

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Product Details

HMJ280 Gantry Diamond Disc Stone Sawing Machine

1.Parameters on diamond disc stone sawing machine

Main Parameters:

1. Maximum diameter of disc                                                               Ф2800mm

2. Number of saw disc                                                                          3pcs

3. Maximum cross stroke of saw disc                                                 4800mm

4. Maximum vertical stroke of saw disc                                              2400mm

5. Maximum distance from axis of main shaft to trolley                    4000mm

6. Area of trolley                                                                                   1700*1700mm

7. Total capacity                                                                                   42.2kw

Main motor                                                                                            37kw

Up-down motor                                                                                     3kw

Walking motor                                                                                       2.2kw

8. Overall dimension                                                                            11000*5500*8000mm

9. Weight                                                                                               12000kgs

2.Uses and features 

HMJ280 Gantry Diamond Disc Stone Sawing Machine is mainly used for cutting granite and marble, and also can be used for cutting porcelain, concrete and other non-metallic materials.


1、This machine adopts gantry structure, with reasonable structure and stable working conditions. After adopting adjustable auxiliary guiding device, the carriage running steadily. 

2、This machine can be used for cutting over 20mm thickness of granite and marble plate, various specifications of platform, tombstone and material stone for arts and crafts. Especially suitable for cutting the stone whose height is less than 2300mm from one layer to another, which can raise the ration of finished products and reduce the cost of production. 


3、This machine can be equipped with big disc of 2800mm, and also can be equipped with 3 Multi-disc of big, middle and small. With wide vertical and cross stroke, this machine can be used in processing stone block with large size. 

4、This machine is easy to operate and safe to use depending on its interlocking and safety devices in electric parts. The controlling system has two types of manual and automation. According to different hardness of stone, the feeding speed can be adjusted. 

3.Product qualification 



Motorized block trolley, dimensions: 3.2x2.05m, carrying capacity: 30 tons.



Electrical control Board



Hydraulic tensioner and oil pump



Hydraulic hangers for blades



Blades spacers (choose one type from 22/32mm)



tightening chain



tightening plate



Dynametric Spanner




Q:What is the minimum order quantity?

A:Minimun order quantity 1set

Q:What kind of payment do I use?

A: payment Irrevocable L/C at sight or T/T (30%down payment and 70%balance payment against the scan B/L). 

Q: When the manufacturers shipped the product?

A: delivery term within 15 days after get the down payment.

The development of stone machinery is very rapid, and new technologies and new equipment are emerging one after another. For example, the sand saw for processing granite has been developed to be able to process 7m wide, at the same time to clamp 4 standard blocks, with 230 saw blades, 24h can process 3500m2 efficiency; mining granite wire saw machine and diamond The beaded rope technology has matured and began to enter the mine in batches; the special-shaped stone processing equipment has been developed in a diversified and multi-model direction; the promotion and use of stone processing centers with various tools has provided a means for product innovation;

The introduction and application of stone CAD design software provides colorful forms and patterns for the decoration of stone. Ultra-thin and super-large equipments have been developed, making the specifications of new products more suitable for decoration and decoration; new and convenient stone decoration and decoration machinery and tools are more widely used in the decoration scene.

Stone cleaning, protection and bonding machinery have become new application fields of stone chemistry; artificial synthetic stone production equipment has been localized, promoted resource utilization, and promoted the development of artificial synthetic stone.