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HMJ 180/10 Gantry Multi-disc Stone Sawing Machine

HMJ 180/10 Gantry Multi-disc Stone Sawing Machine

We offer different areas stone sawing machine over 60 years. Our company covers an area of 1,400,000 square meters.We are waiting for your consultation。

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Product Details

HMJ 180/10 Gantry Multi-disc Stone Sawing Machinery

1.Product parameters of the multi-disc stone sawing machine

 Main Parameters:

1. Number and diameter of disc                                                  Ф1800mm*5+Ф1200mm*5

2. Number and diameter of same disc                                       Ф1600mm*10

3. Maximum cross stroke of saw disc                                         4300mm

4. Maximum vertical stroke of saw disc                                      2100mm

5. Feeding stroke of trolley                                                           2100mm

6. Total capacity                                                                            66.72kw

Main motor                                                                            55kw

Up-down motor                                                                     3kw

Feeding motor                                                                      2.2kw/3kw

Feeding motor of trolley                                                      1.5kw

Water pump motor                                                               4kw

Lubrication pump                                                                 20w

7. Maximum distance from axis of main shaft to trolley            3050mm

8. Area of trolley                                                                           1800*1800mm

9. Overall dimension                                                                    10000*8000*6100mm

10. Weight                                                                                     14000kgs

2.Uses and features of the stone sawing machine

HMJ 180/10 Gantry Multi-disc Stone Sawing Machine is mainly used for cutting granite and marble, and also can be used for cutting porcelain, concrete and other non-metallic materials. 


This machine adopts gantry, double columns structure, with reasonable structure and stable working conditions. According to different requirement, it can be equipped with 5pcs of 1800mm discs and another 5pcs of 1200mm discs, or equipped with 10pcs of 1600mm discs. 

With wide vertical and cross stroke, these series machines can be used in processing stone block with large size, from one layer to another. The speed of its cross walking is fast, so it can adopt the cutting way of shallow cutting and quick feeding. Therefore, these series machines have advantages of high cutting efficiency, high ration of finished products, high availability of cutting head and long usage life of disc. 


These series machines have a high automation after adopting PLC controlling system. During the cutting process, it can carry out vertical feed, which greatly improved the producing efficiency and effective process length of equipment. It adopts two-speed controlling in the process of vertical feeding and pieces dividing of trolley, which effectively guarantees the machining accuracy. 

After adopting electric lubrication system in vertical rails, lead screw and carriage parts, it carries on a very good lubrication results, keeps a precise processing and reduces daily maintenance time. 

In consideration of safety, these series machines are equipped with abrasive limit protection device for protecting vertical lead screw and protection device of cooling water flowage. 




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4, workshop and components

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