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Granite Block Cutting Machine Price.

Granite Block Cutting Machine Price.

QJS180Y hydraulic pressure vertical bridge stone sawing machine Main parameter 1. Valid cross stroke 3100 mm 2. valid vertical stroke 1100 mm 3. main motor 30 kw 4. vetical motor 1.5kw 5. feeding motor 2.2 kw Hydraulic pressure pump stattion parameter Rating operation pressure 7.0MPa Rated flow...

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Product Details

Granite block cutting machinery  price 


Main parameter

1. Valid cross stroke                3100 mm

2. valid vertical stroke              1100 mm

3. main motor                      30 kw

4. vetical motor                     1.5kw

5. feeding motor                    2.2 kw

Hydraulic pressure pump stattion parameter

Rating operation pressure      7.0MPa

Rated flow                    16L/min

Magnet valve                  DC24V

Working medium               N32/N46 resistance to wear oil

    Pollution                       less NAS12

    Environmental temperature       0--40C°



This machine is mainly used for grinding and polishing marble plate.

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