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DTJ100 Bar Stone Multi-disc Cutter

DTJ100 Bar Stone Multi-disc Cutter

We suplly the product DTJ100 Bar Stone Multi-disc Cutter,we have been produced the bar stone cutter for over 20 years,if you need cut the bar stone ,choose this cutting machine is all right.We're hoping your letter in China.

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Product Details

DTJ100 Bar Stone Multi-disc Cutter

1.Parameters on Stone Multi-disc Cutter

Technical parameter 

1. Maximum number of disc                                       6 pieces

2. Maximum diameter of disc                                    1000mm

3. Maximum vertical stroke                                        600mm

4. Working table feeding stroke                                2500mm

5. Moving left right stroke                                           300mm

6. the working table surface area                             1700*1200mm

7. Disc elevator speed                                               525mm/min

8. Maximum working table feeding speed               5920mm/min

9. Total capacity                                                         40.75KW

a. main motor                                                        37 KW

b. vertical motor                                                    1.5 KW

c. moving left right motor                                      0.75KW

d. working table motor                                         1.5KW

10. Overall dimension                                               7000(W)*3800(L)*2800mm(H)

11. Weight                                                                  6000Kg

2. Uses and features of the reaper

    DTJ100 Bar Stone Processing and Production Line is the professional equipment for processing roadside stone, tombstone, stone for paving square, platform, etc. If using it with three pieces blade machine, the Bar Stone Processing and Production Line will be made up, and the efficiency will be improved. 


The features of this machine are as following: 

Designs reasonably, has the good rigidity, the work steady cutting efficiency high

Because of the assistance support be used in the fore-end main shaft, and the main shaft revolves smoothly, 

Operation easy, in the movement of main shaft the request of stone position is not high.

It is easy to exchange the blade.

The automaticity is high. The control section adopts manual and semi-automatic control, and the working table adopts stepless speed regulation.

The using range is wide, and be used for cutting the bar stone which the width is less than 1000mm.

3.Company qualification

    Shandong Boxing Huaxing Import and Export Co.,Ltd. is the wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Huaxing Machine Co.,Ltd. Founded in 1957, Shandong Huaxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national high tech enterprises with research and develop, production and trade in one body. Formerly we were called Boxing Machinery Factory, and started to produce stone machines in 1985. In July, 2002 we were transformed from state-owned enterprises into joint-stock enterprises. In September, Huaxing industrial park was started to build in the same year. In June 2009, company began to construct Shandong Huaxing Scientific Development Zone. January 26th, 2011 we succeeded in being listed on TSX in Canada, becoming the first overseas listed company of Boxing and achieving the span from product management to capital management.



4. Product qualification 

    As we have both the price and quality advantage, our machinery sells well all over the world. We can make production as customer’s requirements. And we can ensure the quality of our production and offer the best service .


5, workshop and components


As one of the leading and professional manufacturers and suppliers of various machineries in China, we always pay high attention to quality and performance. If you are interested in our dtj100 bar stone multi-disc cutter made in China, please rest assured to buy. May our price not the lowest but the most competitive. Here we are waiting for you.