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  • FARM Mini Cultivation Machine

    FARM Mini Cultivation Machine

    ARM Mini cultivation machine 1,Parameters ROBIN EY28B(KW) 4.05 Overall dimension(mm)1700×1000×1050 Weight (kg)110 Cultivating width(cm)100 The deep of cultivating(cm)≥8 Walking wheel Two wheels Walking speed(m/s) 0.42 production rate(hectares/h) 2 2, Uses and features It is used for soil...

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  • Mini Wheat Harvest Agriculture Machinery

    Mini Wheat Harvest Agriculture Machinery

    Small hand-harvesting harvesters can be used for wheat harvesting, fast and efficient without residue, easy to learn easy to use.

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  • Mini and Micro Ditching Machine

    Mini and Micro Ditching Machine

    Mini and Micro Ditching Machine 1,Parameters on ditching machinery 2, Features of ditching machine It can be once finisheded this work like ditching, for fruit trees ditching and fertilize, pipeline trenching. Save time and power, efficiency high. It is easy to operate and to maintain. 3,...

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  • Mini Cultivating and Weeding Machinery

    Mini Cultivating and Weeding Machinery

    mini cultivating and weeding machinery 1,parameters on machine 2, Uses and features The machine has compact structure and operation is flexible. It can be once finished cultivation weeding working, and increase air content of in the soil, meanwhile enhance the capacity of keep the soil moisture...

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    Model SR-1 Power type 13hp diesel engine two strokes Width of cut 60-70cm Total loss rate 1% Work efficiency 2-3 acres / hour Machine weight 110 kg Dimension 1350*950*1200mm

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