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  • DLJ260 End-beam Hydraulic Block Cutter

    DLJ260 End-beam Hydraulic Block Cutter

    D L J2 6 0 End-beam Hydraulic Block Cutter 1、Product parameter of the block cutter 2、Production feature and application of the block cutter DLJ20 End-beam Hydraulic Block cutter adopting the diamond cutlery and high-speed grinding technique is mainly used in cutting the marble、granite and so on....

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  • HQQ120A Infrared Ray Bridge Cutter

    HQQ120A Infrared Ray Bridge Cutter

    HQQ120A Infrared Ray Bridge Cutter main parameter max. disc blade diameter : 1200mm disc blade vertical stroke : 600mm cutting cross stroke : 3200mm cutting longitudinal stroke : 3200mm cutting effective depth : 420mm main motor : 22KW carriage walk motor : 1.5KW cross moving motor : 1.1KW disc...

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  • SFM200B Up-Down Manual Polisher

    SFM200B Up-Down Manual Polisher

    Shandong Boxing Huaxing Import and Export Co.,Ltd. provides SFM200B Up-Down Manual Polisher for clients.We are devoted in producing over 60 years,the manual polisher is the key equipment for processing tombstone, stone column, stone plate, and decorative slabs etc.

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