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  • Laminated Glass Machine

    Laminated Glass Machine

    laminated glass machine 1,parameters on machine Process EVA//TPU laminated glass Product yield at least 99% Adopt Germany heating technology Only 0.5kw for 1 sqm of glass 2, Uses and features Performance features: 1) We adopt Germany technology , carbon fiber far infrared heating system. Each...

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  • Glass Washing Machine

    Glass Washing Machine

    Put the glass on the feed part , and then put on the foot-switch, the glass goes into the drying part after washing the washing and then dried with one pair high power rate air knives, and then moves into the lamp inspection part directly. Inspection lamp is equipped to examine the washing and drying quality, the End.

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  • Laminating Glass Machine

    Laminating Glass Machine

    We adopt Germany technology, carbon fiber far infrared heating system. Each layer has independent heating system, heat up faster, ONLY need 3-5 seconds for 1℃. Turbo blower ensures hot air to circulate inside the furnace, temperature inside the furnace is equal and temperature difference does...

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  • Glass Tempering Machine

    Glass Tempering Machine

    Forced-convection tempering furnace is a new generation tempering machine to temper flat glass. Compared with same kind of product at home and abroad, this machine has some advantages like reasonable technical technology, powerful software function of system control, high reliability, superior...

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