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Xiamen International Stone Fair In China

- Mar 12, 2018 -

Since its inception in 2001, Xiamen International Stone Fair in China has made full use of the advantages of the South Anhui stone industry and the Xiamen port. With the joint efforts of various sponsors and contractors, it has rapidly grown and become one of the largest exhibitions in the world, and the number of exhibitors* **More professional stone exhibitions. The purpose of this exhibition is to promote the development of China's stone industry and foreign trade, constantly improve the strength and international competitiveness of China's stone industry, learn and learn from foreign advanced experience in the field of stone production, processing, application, and strengthen industry information. Exchange, display new products, new technologies, and new equipments for stone and stone machine tools at home and abroad, build a professional exchange platform for the international stone industry, create business opportunities so as to improve the development level of China's stone industry chain, and promote the cooperation of domestic and foreign stone companies Contacts and trading volume increase.

The success of the exhibition is that Xiamen has become the “international stone center” that radiates the global stone industry at one stroke, and has promoted the sustained and vigorous development of the southern Anhui economy and the progress of the exhibition industry. On the one hand, the development of Xiamen International Stone Fair relied on the strong industrial base in the southern Fujian region and the huge business opportunities in the stone industry. In addition, Xiamen's unique geographical advantages and many stone companies have become the strong backing for the rapid development of the stone exhibition. On the other hand, the successful holding of the Stone Fair each year has enabled stone companies in Xiamen and the surrounding areas to enjoy convenient conditions in the “doorway” to open up domestic and foreign markets, and timely and comprehensively mastered the global stone resource exploitation, technical equipment, product design and application. The status quo of development and the overall level of development dynamics have narrowed the gap between Xiamen stone enterprises and the international community and continuously improved the influence of the industry. Through summing up and drawing lessons from the successful model of Xiamen Stone Exhibition, and based on this innovation, Xiamen has also accumulated rich experience in organizing exhibitions, which is conducive to exerting local advantages, cultivating more special exhibitions, and stimulating the economy to the “International Exhibition City”. Stepping forward.

Exhibits Range Xiamen International Stone Exhibition Stone Products Exhibition Stone Machinery Exhibition Provides the following exhibits

Block plate: granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, slate, volcanic rock, artificial stone

Stone Products: Countertops, Shaped Stones, Stone Furniture, Tombstones, Stone Carvings, Landscape Stones, Stones, Pebbles, Mosaics

Mechanical tools: mining equipment, processing machinery, forklift equipment, diamond tools, dry hanging accessories, monitoring equipment

Stone Care: Abrasives, Cleaning Equipment, Care Products, Adhesives, Colorants

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