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We Attended The Xiamen International Stone Fair

- Mar 12, 2018 -

    As usual, we our company attended the Xiamen International Stone Fair in 2018 from 6th , Mar to 9th Mar. 

    As we all know, since its inception in 2001, Xiamen International Stone Fair in China has made full use of the advantages of the South Anhui stone industry and the Xiamen port. With the joint efforts of various sponsors and contractors, it has grown rapidly, and has become a global exhibition scale and the number of exhibitors* **More professional stone exhibitions. The purpose of this exhibition is to promote the development of China's stone industry and foreign trade, constantly improve the strength and international competitiveness of China's stone industry, learn and learn from foreign advanced experience in the field of stone production, processing, application, and strengthen industry information. Exchange, display new products, new technologies, and new equipments of stone and stone machine tools at home and abroad, build a professional exchange platform for the international stone industry, create business opportunities so as to improve the development level of China's stone industry chain, and promote the cooperation of domestic and foreign stone companies. Exchanges and trading volume increase


same as before, it is sucessful and bring heavy harvest to all manufactureres and business men. different machineries are showed and operated there. you can find what you need and get surprise there. as the development of tech , machineries are keeping developing according the demand of users.

you can talk with the manufacturer face to face and tell them your requirements in details, they can make machine special for your need. welcome there, things can beyond your thought.

now lets enjoy the grand occasion .





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