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The Use Of Color Coated Steel Ppgi

- Jul 21, 2017 -

    Ppgi coils are attractive substitutes for wood and other materials because they have the advantage of preventing fading, weather resistance, and resistance to powdering. They minimize the maintenance costs of the building and, at the same time, a wide variety of colors, surface structures and coatings make it extremely flexible and optional.

In our production, more than 90% of the color board used in construction, color coated steel in the construction industry has been widely used.


    Ppgi steel soils and galvanized coils are meeting the large venues in the construction of the material color, shape, quality, performance and other aspects of the demanding requirements. In China Convention and Exhibition Center, sports venues, aviation hub, cultural facilities and many other landmarks have been recognized. After 15 years of continuous exploration and improvement, not only in the steel industry to get a mature application, in the automobile manufacturing, nonferrous metals, electricity, coal, light industry, medicine, food and other industries have also been generally recognized. From the school, residential to commercial buildings, from the villa to the high-rise commercial and residential buildings, always for you to create a warm, harmonious and comfortable living environment.


    Commonly used topcoat with polyester, silicon modified polyester, high durability polyester and polyvinylidene fluoride, different topcoat hardness, flexibility / adhesion, corrosion resistance and so there are some differences. Polyester is currently the largest use of the paint, durability in general, the hardness and flexibility of the coating is good, affordable. Silicone modified polyester durability and gloss, color retention has improved, but the coating slightly lower flexibility. High durability polyester is willing to have the advantages of polyester, but also have improved durability, cost-effective. Polyvinylidene fluoride excellent durability, coating flexibility, but the hardness is relatively low, can provide less color, expensive. A variety of pastry performance requirements can refer to the relevant information or expert advice. The topcoat is mainly determined by factors such as use, environmental corrosion, service life, durability, processing and deformation.

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