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The Latest Exhibition Mount Tai International Agricultural Expo

- Aug 10, 2017 -

"2017 Taishan International Agricultural Machinery Expo" by the Tai'an City People's Government, Shandong Provincial Agricultural Machinery Authority co-sponsored by the domestic regional agricultural industry professional exhibition. Will be held in Taishan International Convention and Exhibition Center on August 26-28, 2017. The exhibition will cover the production of agricultural production from the seed production, tillage, planting, field management,harvest processing, straw utilization, and so on. The exhibition will cover the production of agricultural production from the seed production, tillage, planting, field management, harvesting, straw utilization, agricultural transport vehicles, water conservation irrigation and grain drying. The whole process, covering the power machinery, operating equipment, joint harvesting machinery, parts accessories, such as the whole industry chain.


The current agricultural machinery fair is under the guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture, the General Assembly to the "safety, environmental protection, innovation and win-win" as the theme, mainly by the exhibition, the forum meeting activities. The exhibition display plate will plan the exhibition area of 20,000 square meters, the main site set up "power machinery exhibition, harvest machinery exhibition, agricultural transport vehicles, water-saving irrigation, food drying" and other 12 show area. By then, from the 300 domestic and foreign agricultural industry leader in the form of interactive experience to focus on the form of agricultural machinery supply chain in all aspects of the new products, new technologies. "Shandong Agricultural Mechanization Development Summit" Held at the same time. It is expected that more than 30,000 agricultural enterprises from more than 20 countries will visit, negotiate and exchange.

In order to realize the accurate and efficient docking of the exhibitors and the audience, the Organizing Committee not only undertook the customization activities of C2M demand, but also organized the "VIP" audience of the agricultural machinery industry to conduct "one to one" docking negotiation with the exhibitors at the exhibition site to ensure that the exhibition Effect maximization. In order to do a better job for the audience, the organizing committee at the scene also set up a "one-stop service window", mainly for the purchase subsidies, agricultural extension, science and education training, listing, accreditation, security and many Content for consultation.

This conference not only demonstrates the tremendous changes brought about by the new agricultural mechanization to the agro-industry environment and mechanized operation, but also will play a positive role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural machinery industry and improving the efficiency of the agricultural machinery industry. Machinery manufacturing enterprises to build a international trade exchange platform.


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