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Talk To Improve The Stone Machine Tech In China

- Jan 09, 2018 -

With the development of stone products industry in the direction of high quality, artistry and diversification, the demand for stone products in the category, shape, precision and product size is getting higher and higher with the increasing demand, thus the stone machinery manufacturing Level and product categories and performance put forward higher and higher requirements, regardless of the international market or the domestic market, to improve the level of stone machinery manufacturing and core competitiveness is placed in all of our country stone machinery manufacturing enterprises the most urgent problems.

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(1) pay attention to the research and development of new stone equipment

With the deepening of the research on composite processing technology, the development trend toward stone numerical control processing equipment is to simplify the components, make the structure compact, configure the modules and commercialize parts. At the same time there is a full-featured CNC machining center suitable for multi-species, single small batch production conditions, but also for special CNC machining equipment suitable for improving production efficiency, higher volume production conditions. Good composite processing equipment by no means, can not be a single different processes or processes of CNC equipment simply assembled from, and must be in the process of optimizing the existing traditional process and machine tool configuration based on the type of innovation and development from. Only by continuously improving the production technology and equipment and promoting the upgrading of the industry will it be conducive to making enterprises bigger and stronger and enhancing their competitiveness in the market.


(2) The gradual completion of the improvement of the traditional process

To improve the core competitiveness of stone processing enterprises, relying solely on the technical parameters of the equipment is not enough, the key depends on supporting the use of "software", that is, the application of composite processing technology. With the introduction of high-speed electrical spindles, multi-axis linkage systems and large format work surfaces in machining centers, how to better utilize these features to optimize traditional stone processing technology databases, establish shorter process chains, higher efficiency and higher equipment utilization Stone shaped products database has become a problem to be solved, and only this issue is resolved, high quality and efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction, environmental friendly goals can be truly realized, Stone companies can weather the storm.

(3) to promote the formation of standardization system of stone machinery and equipment

Stone machinery for standardization is an important part of the standardization of the stone industry, the stone industry is an important condition for the modernization. Improve the technical level of the stone industry, relying on the improvement of stone machinery level; and stone machinery to improve the standard level is the key to improving. With the establishment of the standard committee, I hope that enterprises attach importance to and actively participate in standard work, as soon as possible to establish our own stone industry to adapt to the development of the domestic stone industry-specific machinery and tools standard system for the modernization of the stone industry to create favorable conditions.

(4) Use national policies to actively adjust industrial structure and marketing mode

First of all, the stone industry should comply with the overall deployment of "expanding domestic demand and preserving growth" in our country, intensify the development of the domestic market, consolidate the east and develop the central and western regions instead of blindly expanding reproduction. Second, the use of Huangliao lower import tax rates and export tax rebate rates and other countries to increase policy support, the implementation of the international market diversification strategy to consolidate Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea market, the development of emerging markets. Finally, the stone industry to adjust the product structure, marketing model, organizational structure, all enterprises should maintain healthy competition, to avoid unnecessary internal friction, learning ceramic industry marketing ideas and models, take the road of industrial integration, build industry carriers Level business.


Therefore, stone machinery manufacturing enterprises to continue to innovate, continue to introduce new products keep up with the pace of development of today's international stone industry. At present, although China's stone equipment manufacturing industry is facing some difficulties and pressures, it should also see the vast domestic and international markets with enormous opportunities for development. As long as we adhere to the scientific concept of development and do a good job in the adjustment of the industry and product structure, International and domestic markets strive to create their own brand, we will be able to create new glories.

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