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Stone Processing Machinery And Equipment

- May 19, 2017 -

In recent more than 10 years, the development of China's stone machinery and equipment has made great progress, and some of the automatic performance of the machine has reached the international advanced level. But in the high-end technology equipment, China is not yet production. From the overall production line of stone enterprise automation degree, compared with foreign countries still have a gap, some production links still rely on human operation, not only affect the production efficiency, but also due to the quality of the quality of the finished product has unstable factors. The stone enterprises of the World stone power Italy, even though most of them use a high degree of automation production line, but still need to have a certain stone knowledge and experienced personnel to master the processing process parameters to produce the top stone products. At present, many foreign stone mines, especially granite mines have been fully used diamond wire rope saw mining waste material, and in the granite waste cutting processing, has also promoted the multi-line diamond wire saws. Yet many stone companies in China still use old-fashioned frame saws. One notable advantage of it is that sawing costs are low

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