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Stone Machine Tech News

- Sep 27, 2018 -

Stone machinery is an important link in the development of the stone industry, and its development trend can be imagined for the entire industry. At every international stone exhibitor, all kinds of the most advanced stone machinery has become a big bright spot. While the stone industry is facing a transformation, stone machinery is constantly upgrading its technology and accelerating the process of intelligence.

Localized enterprise technology upgrade

Take the 2013 Stone Fair in Xiamen, local stone machinery companies have attacked, construction machinery manufacturers such as Xiagong, Longgong, Jingong, in the stone processing machinery, Shengda, Fuda, VIA, Giant Wheel, Wanlong and other industry leaders Also joined the display ranks.

Since the exhibition has gathered many domestic and foreign merchants, stone machinery companies also showcase the most advanced equipment. For example, XGMA exhibits are fully upgraded and upgraded in 2013. The new-generation mine-type crawler hydraulic excavator has improved performance and quality. In addition to the imported turbocharged engine to ensure strong power, Xiagong’s “engine exhaust gas treatment device” is also used. Patented technologies such as “New Adjustable Damping Device” ensure energy saving and emission reduction.

The improvement of stone processing machinery technology is mainly reflected in the numerical control and intelligence. The large-scale cutting and grinding machines on the major booths have basically achieved numerical control. On the stand of Platinum Machinery, an intelligent robot attracted many visitors. This robot dexterously displays techniques such as stone handling, sanding and cutting. The staff of the booth introduced that this robot is completely intelligent control of the computer. After the robot is replaced with a specific tool, it can complete various basic stone processing operations, and even some preliminary engraving work can be competent. The environment is rather harsh, so recruitment is becoming more and more difficult. This robot can completely replace the manual and realize the production line of stone processing." The staff introduced that with some other smart equipment, the stone processing enterprises in the future can establish A modern smart factory that changes the traditional production model of the entire industry.

Taiwan stone machinery enterprise technology is more sophisticated

In addition to the local stone machinery enterprises in the continuous improvement of product technology, Taiwanese companies have also shown a strong interest in mainland stone. At this Xiamen Stone Fair, Lin Gaorong, chairman of the Taiwan Association of Stone and Mineral Products Industry, organized a delegation to participate in the stone exhibition in Xiamen, and a large part of them were stone machinery enterprises. Huatongxing Machinery, which has been established in Hualien for more than 30 years, was originally exported to Thailand, Japan and other places. Last year, the machine tools for the ECFA early receipt list were tax-free.

“There are tens of thousands of mainland stone factories, but there are not many real stone processing machines. Taiwan’s enterprises have been making processing equipment for European, American and Japanese companies in the early years. The technology is very mature.” Lin Gaorong said that there are many mainland stone factories. The level of stone machinery still has a certain gap with Taiwan, but Taiwanese machinery is shipped to the mainland for sale, with 17% VAT and freight costs. The price is between Europe and mainland China, and there is not much advantage. Therefore, most Taiwanese companies that want to enter the mainland market have begun to consider setting up assembly plants in the mainland. "In this way, many advanced technologies will be brought over, and cross-strait enterprises

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