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Stone Line Processing Machine What

- May 19, 2017 -

Stone line machine from the processing products to be divided into two kinds: 1, processing volume is not very large, many varieties; 2, large processing volume, not a lot of shape, suitable for mass production of stone line processing machine from the mechanical aspect of the processing output suitable for which kind of machine: 1, small amount of processing, the proposal to buy stone line profiling machine; 2, large processing volume, to buy automatic stone line machine. Automatic stone line machine and stone profiling machine daily processing output comparison: 1, automatic stone line machine daily processing output can reach 200-300 meters (8 hours), processing effect is good, not up to silk, feel good, seam neat, brightness can reach 90-120 degrees, no need to wax, no need to knife, processing speed. 2, stone imitation machine daily processing output of about 30-50 meters, this is only coarse grinding, but also need artificial polishing, waxing, seam is not neat, brightness is darker, there is no gloss, low output, high labor costs. 3, Stone Bridge milling machine daily processing output of about 60-100 meters, because is 1 grinding wheel operation, so need to replace several grinding wheel grinding pin, in this case, change the grinding wheel is more frequent, waste a lot of artificial time, processing volume also up, if you want to speed up processing, you need to buy several stone bridge-type edging machine.

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