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Processing Technology Of Copper Sculpture

- May 19, 2017 -

Forged copper sculpture refers to the copper or yellow copper plate as the base material, according to the turn of the sculpture mold by hand to forge, trim, splicing, will be segmented or divided into pieces of copper coins together into a sculpture of the whole finished production. With the improvement of modern living standard and aesthetic consciousness, the traditional process of forging copper is more and more popular with designers and people, and it is widely used in modern urban landscape construction. Forged copper is suitable for the production of abstract sculpture or simple sculpture works, forged copper sculpture lines smooth and concise, surface treatment delicate and rich texture, after the acid treatment to do the old effect more visual beauty. Forged copper is a kind of different from the copper casting process, is on the copper coin, the use of copper plate heating after the soft texture, hammering and recovery of hard characteristics, repeat this process, do a good job in the rear into the copper sulfate soaked, and finally produced a forged bronze sculpture. There are three important elements in the production process of wrought bronze sculpture, that is fire, hammer and chisel. Large-scale wrought bronze sculpture requires the cooperation and collective creation of more than one bronze master, and some of them should be cooperated and collectively completed by the craftsmen.

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