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How To Operate The Stone Machine With Diamond Disc

- Jun 14, 2017 -

The operation of diamond slicer:

 1. Press the main power button, the console panel on the stop button on the top of the light should be full light. Followed by the host start button to see the direction of rotation of its host, and the arrow on the shell to indicate whether the same direction.

 2. Diamond disc stone sawing machine installed after the installation of rock cutting, rock sample clamping, should choose a reliable clamping point, to prevent the virtual folder and folder phenomenon, so as not to cut during the cutting process due to damage to the blade and rock kind.

3.diamond slicer work, the first start the host, then the "into the" button, start cutting, the infeed speed is slow, until the blade blade into the rock samples, before a little faster; in the course of work Press the "work" button can also enter the knife, regardless of the infeed or retreat, press the "stop" button, the cutter can stop turning .


4. The diamond slicer speed table for the speed of the motor speed instructions, in the process of moving the speed control knob, you can control the speed of the feed speed, cutting hard rock, the speed is generally 300 r / min Around the hard class for a 600 r / min or so, the soft rock is 900 r / min or so. Diamond slicer, diamond slicer manufacturers, slicer manufacturers.

5. After cutting a knife, loosen the plunger bolts, it will be cut up and down the side of 90 degrees, so that it lying on the work surface, and then tighten the mandrel, and then cutting a knife, in the final rock molding cutting. A piece of thickness of 6 ~ 10mm, width of 4 ~ 5mm or so, the length of the appropriate board placed under the long pressure plate to prevent the cutting to the last, the rock suddenly cracked, so that the rock has a collapse angle and convex phenomenon.


6. The cutting process, always pay attention to whether the cooling water flow is sufficient, is strictly prohibited dry cutting, so as not to increase the blade wear; cutter movement to the terminal back, need to be completely out of the workpiece after the blade, before turning off the motor and pump, and then open the seal door demolition of the workpiece.

7. After work, turn off the power, clean the work surface of the residual rock slag, wipe the blade and the table on the water stains, add the feed plate and rail lubricants.

       Diamond slicer is mainly used for all types of non-metallic solid and various types of rock ore, building concrete and refractory brick cutting, sampling. With the understanding of diamond slicers, diamond slicers are widely used in universities, research institutes, suitable for metal, ceramics, glass, rock samples, ore samples, concrete, organic materials, high-speed cutting.

So what are the characteristics of diamond slicers?

1. slicing machine pulse width control, torque, running smoothly.

2. color touch screen data display, the parameters are accurate and adjustable.

3. diamond slicer X, Y axis using stepper motor drive.

4. rock slicer comes with cooling circulation system.

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