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Functional Characteristics Of Stone Cutting Machine

- May 19, 2017 -

Stone Cutting Machine Set milling, grinding, drilling, polishing, sawing process in one, become the Stone Industry processing center, with the following features: 1, the use of automatic intelligent control, through the head up and down rotation can achieve cutting, chamfering, drilling, grinding edge, slotting and other functions, 2, through the nose of the left and right 90 ° rotation, can achieve the bridge cutting function, 3, according to user requirements to increase two-dimensional or three-dimensional computer, to achieve cutting-shaped function; 4, cutting feed speed using inverter stepless speed control, Feed speed according to the processing of different media and adjust, the equipment running smoothly, high efficiency; 5, the machine has absorbed the same type of machine at home and abroad characteristics, even style, simple, beautiful.

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