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China's Water-saving Irrigation Technology And Developed Countries Still Have A Gap

- May 19, 2017 -

In water-saving irrigation technology, compared with some developed countries, there are still some gaps, mainly in the following areas are more obvious: first, there are still some gaps in the quality of products, especially the key components such as sprinkler heads of large-scale sprinkler irrigation machines, as well as the filter of drip irrigation for large-scale propulsion and the first-class components, which may have some differences with the United States and Israel, these water-saving irrigation powers. Second, there are still some gaps in water management for water-saving irrigation. There are some places where water-saving irrigation facilities have come up, but there is still a gap between the management means and the water saving irrigation facilities and the scientific irrigation system to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of irrigation water. In these areas, some developed countries, including intelligent irrigation, including timely and precise irrigation, have developed to a certain level. Third, the state in the water-saving irrigation and agricultural technology, agronomy and other measures organically combined to further improve the level of irrigation, increase the yield and quality of agricultural products there is still a certain gap. In developed countries, some have studied the growth of crops through water-saving irrigation, controlled the water content of crops, and the degree of coloring, so the country has not keep up with it. So the main difference may be that these aspects are more obvious.

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