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China Recognized The Most Authoritative Stone Machinery Organization

- Sep 06, 2017 -

    Shanghai Stone Fair, as China's stone industry benchmarking event, has been committed to creating a "big stone market," the new concept, that is through the network of various provinces and cities and overseas outstanding stone mining, processing enterprises, all-round display stone industry development of new results, new technology, aimed at the national construction and decoration enterprises, real estate developers, architects, stone dealers and the majority of stone procurement users to promote the new stone consumption concept, so that the stone enterprises to better grasp the market trends , understand the market demand. It is reported that the Shanghai Stone Exhibition Organizing Committee will soon through various channels, vigorously promote the new stone, universal stone consumption knowledge, promote the stone design concept, cultivate stone consumer market, "third pole" family stone consumer market. So that exhibitors can and more buyers "intimate" contact, share the city's economic development brought about by the impressive results.


    Huaxing keep up with stone market trends, and constantly enhance the large stone equipment technology, and strive to stone in the field of brilliant tomorrow.

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