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China Agricultural Machinery Institute And UNIDO Sign A Memorandum Of Cooperation In Agriculture

- Apr 27, 2018 -

     On March 5, 2018, the 2nd International Forum on Agricultural Industry Investment, jointly organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Ethiopian government, was held in Ethiopia’s Capital Asia. Sababe grand opening. Ethiopian President Mulatu Te Xiaomei, Director-General of the United Nations Industrial and Commercial Organization Li Yong, Minister of Industry of Ethiopian Minister Ahmed Abdu, Ambassador of the Chinese Embassy for Ethiopian Plenipotentiary Tan Jian and representatives of the AU and other international organizations The opening ceremony of the meeting. Wang Bo, president of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (hereinafter referred to as "China Agricultural Machinery Institute"), attended the meeting as a special guest.

At the opening ceremony, Ambassador Tan Jian delivered a keynote speech and reviewed the achievements of the economic and trade cooperation between China and Egypt under the framework of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, in particular, the mechanized promotion project of the whole production and processing of the bryo bran in the Ethiopian Agricultural Machinery Institute in Ethiopia. Give a high evaluation. In recent years, with the support of the Gates Foundation and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the experts team of the Chinese Agricultural Machinery Institute overcame the technological bottleneck such as large soil viscosity, easy lodging of crops, and small seed particles, and successfully developed the sow bran sowing and harvesting. The series of equipment was selected, and several field tests were conducted, which significantly improved the production and processing efficiency of the bryoland, raised the yield of the unit of the bryo and reduced the labor intensity of the peasants.


After the opening ceremony, under the joint testimony of Tan Jian and the Secretary of State for Minister of Industry of Ethiopia, Manbra Blunt, Li Yong and Dean Wang Bo signed a memorandum of cooperation on behalf of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and China Agricultural Machinery Institute. The two sides will strengthen the cooperation in the future. Cooperation in the field of agriculture will give full play to the technological advantages of CAGS in the agricultural sector and jointly promote the promotion of agricultural mechanization technology and sustainable development of agricultural technology in developing countries including African countries. Li Yong hopes that the two sides will work closely together to reduce global imbalances in development and eliminate poverty and achieve the overall UNIDO goals of inclusive and sustainable development.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization


The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is a multilateral technical assistance organization of the UN General Assembly. It was established in 1966 and officially became a UN specialized agency in June 1985. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, the mission is to “help promote and accelerate the industrialization of developing countries and coordinate the activities of the United Nations system in industrial development”. Since March 2017, President Wang Bo of the China Agricultural Machinery Institute was invited to visit the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Both parties have maintained close communication in the fields of agricultural machinery and agricultural product processing, and have achieved good exchange results.

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