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Carefully Choose Decoration Stone

- May 19, 2017 -

Stone radioactivity is also referred to as the "indoor stealth killer", which is feared to be avoided. There are two main radioactive hazards in natural stone, that is, radiation in vivo and in vitro. The body radiation is mainly from radioactive radiation in the air decay into a radioactive material radon and its daughters, radon in the human body will soon decline into the human body can absorb the nuclide, into the human respiratory system caused by radiation damage, induced lung cancer. In addition, radon also affects the human nervous system, making people sleepy and lethargic. In vitro radiation is mainly refers to the natural stone in the radiation body directly irradiated the human body to produce a biological effect, will be on the human body of the hematopoietic organs, nervous system, reproductive systems and digestive tract damage. Therefore, should make reasonable use of natural stone, prevent and eliminate the radioactive pollution of natural stone, if not necessary, decorate material selection should choose unnatural stone, choose unnatural Stone, not only can reduce the cost, more valuable is, unnatural stone generally no radiation.

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