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Attend The Meeting Held By Bank Of China.

- Jan 18, 2018 -

We who are from Boxing Mingsun Imp& Exp Co., Ltd attend the meeting held by Bank of China .

people from province bank give us talks.

1,develop trend of EX-rate.

   as we all know, the ec-rate keeps changing rencently, so we all care about its trend. work man from bank give us a statements of that trend, give us good guide of the trade and lead us to set up our own plan.

Show us by chart and photos.

2, The international settlement business

 She show us the all information on it and list steps on how to do it. at last she noted the difficulties or mistakes we may confront. and  she gave us some good advices especailly for us who deal with trade with stone machinery, agri machinery and ppgi.


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