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Application Range Of Stone Guardrail

- May 19, 2017 -

Stone railings referred to as Shek railings, stone block is a bridge and building security measures, require a solid, and to pay attention to aesthetics. According to the requirements of users to carve out a variety of stone crafts, but also custom-made various sizes of bluestone, white marble, granite and other stone railings. Stone block in each group at the beginning and end will be supplemented with a piece of drum stone with the overall effect of a better concise atmosphere. In the building, the railings should not have a large gap or can climb the horizontal gear. Stone carving is our Chinese thousands of years of culture, but also the crystallization of working people, from ancient to present stone sculpture embodies the social development milestone. From the form of view, the stone block can be divided into two types: Internode and continuous. The back of the bluestone board is mostly carved into the shape of the simple atmosphere. In the aspect of modelling, the pillar head of stone retaining pillar is mostly cloud column and vase, some are carved into lions, elephants, etc., and some are carved into 12 animal shapes. Common types are: wooden railings, stone railings, stainless steel railings, cast iron railings, forged stone railings, cement railings, modular railings. The façade of the bluestone board is carved with a few shallow reliefs, the content is mainly the auspicious pattern, the flower and the animal, the auspicious beast, the department carves for the cultural history story and so on the narrative subject matter. When the staircase width is more than 1.4 meters, should be provided with two-sided handrail, greater than 2.4 meters, must be in the middle of a railing handrail.

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