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Tillage Machinery

- May 19, 2017 -

Plough: The most commonly used machinery for soil tillage. Its main working part is the plow body composed of plough, plow wall and so on. The working face of Plough and plough wall is a continuous and smooth plow surface, and its shape and parameters are selected according to different soil and tillage requirements, and it is related to the traveling speed of the unit. The different plow surfaces have different functions such as soil-digging, loose earth, ground-breaking and stubble-mulch. Fig. 1 is a six-plough in the paddy field of the Southern China series. The amplitude modulation plough which appeared in the early 80 was a big breakthrough in the traditional structure of Hua-plough. The amplitude modulation of the amplitude modulated plough changes by changing the angle between the main beam and the machine forward, in order to adapt to the different resistance of tillage under various soil conditions. Two-way plow is a special form of plough, with left turn and right turn two groups of plow body (common Hua type plow with right turn plow body), or with turn the direction can transform a group of plow body, so that plough in the farming back and forth to the same side of the soil, plough after the surface does not stay ditch ridge. This plough is often used for ploughing of sloping land, irrigated land, small plots and irregular plots.

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