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The development history of multi-function field management machine

- Mar 08, 2018 -

     China began very early development of pastoral management, but due to various reasons are not, not until 1980s and mid 90s, with the development of the land contract responsibility system, improve the income of farmers and China small gasoline and diesel engines tend to mature, China multifunctional micro tillage machine development started. During this period, the main is to follow foreign products, but because of the material, heat treatment process and the gap with foreign countries, so the beginning of gear box and tool part there are more problems, micro farming machine does not work long time, gear box on the fever, severe leakage or damage of gear, and the rotary knife blade, not be easy fracture failure.

   From the middle of 1990s to 2001, with the adjustment of planting structure in China, the rapid development of factory facility agriculture, the increase of planting area of economic crops and the continuous increase of farmers' income, the multi-function micro tillage machine has made a great progress. In this stage, besides many agricultural machinery plants and agricultural machinery research institutes, some engine plants, tractor factories, machine tools factories, forestry machinery plants, auto parts factories and motorcycle factories have also been involved in the micro tiller industry.

   In about 5 years since 2002, China's Pastoral administration should be at a mature stage. The model and quality will be basically stable, and the number of manufacturers will also be stable.From the performance and the function has two types: one is the function of less (less than 3.7kW, less power machines), not easy to operate (hand can not be adjusted, no steering clutch, forward and backward gear less) models, called simple type micro tillage machine, because of its low price (host price less than 3000 yuan / Taiwan), sales increased gradually; another class of models more functions (can implement more), with high reliability, convenient operation, known as the standard type micro tillage (to host for the price of 4000-7000 yuan / Taiwan). The micro - ploughing machine with more than 3000 yuan / table for water cooled diesel engine, more than 3.7kW of the air-cooled diesel engine or gasoline engine. Appearance of air-cooled engine (for the body, a pull rope (with aluminum) to start, but recovery) on fuel quality and high maintenance requirements; water-cooled engine appearance is slightly larger and rougher, a start, but relatively low failure rate. The diesel engine power, economy, gasoline engine emissions less suitable for studio work.


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