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Stone carving enterprises and stone carving enterprises exchange forum held in Xiamen

- Jun 14, 2017 -

March 7 in the morning, by the China Stone Association Machinery and Tools Professional Committee and the stone carving professional committee jointly organized by the stone carving machinery enterprises and stone carving business exchange forum held in Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center. From Huian, Quyang and other places of the stone business representatives and representatives of stone carving machinery at home and abroad a total of more than 30 people attended the meeting.

Chairman of the China Stone Association Zou Chuan Sheng, Secretary-General Qi Zigang, Fujian Province Stone Association Secretary-General Guo Jingwei attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Also attending the meeting, the China Stone Association, Deputy Secretary-General Tan Jinhua, Machinery and Tools Professional Committee Secretary-General Yan Qing, Deputy Secretary-General Li Wei, stone carving professional committee Secretary-General Li Zhengrong. The symposium was chaired by the Secretary General of the Machinery and Tools Professional Committee.


Symposium first by the stone business representatives on behalf of the enterprise for the needs of stone equipment, and then by the mechanical enterprises concerned about the carving machinery, dust suction machinery. At the meeting, the stone carving enterprises on the Italian three-dimensional sculpture robot to the domestic vacuum machine expressed a strong interest and heated discussion.

Symposium, stone carving business representatives have said that this forum is very meaningful, and asked the mechanical enterprises to stone production and business for more exchanges. At the meeting stone enterprises to further improve the vacuum machinery to meet the requirements of stone carving enterprises put forward their views.

China's stone industry in recent years has been rapid development, but the stone carving enterprises generally exist labor intensity, poor labor environment. Held this forum on the hope that through this form to strengthen the mechanical enterprises and stone carving business exchanges to enhance the level of stone carving equipment.

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