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Power Machinery

- May 19, 2017 -

Machinery that provides power for a wide range of agricultural machinery and agricultural facilities. Agricultural power machinery mainly consists of internal combustion engines and equipped with internal combustion engine tractors, as well as motors, wind turbines, water turbines and a variety of small generator sets. The diesel engine has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, good fuel economy, reliable work and good fire safety, and is widely used in agricultural internal combustion engine and tractor. Gasoline engine is characterized by lightweight, low-temperature starting performance and smooth operation, mostly used in small agricultural machinery, such as rice transplanter, backpack-powered plant protection machinery and tea picking machine. According to the status of regional fuel supply, the use of natural gas, oil associated gas, liquefied petroleum gas and gas generator gas as fuel is also available. Diesel engines and gasoline engines can also be modified to burn gas fuels such as gas, or dual-fuel internal combustion engines, which are ignited by diesel fuel, as agricultural power machinery.

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