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Manufacturing materials for agricultural machinery

- May 19, 2017 -

Most agricultural machinery works in open-air, dusty, humid and dirty environments or in water, and is exposed to the corrosive effects of these materials and environments, such as soil, fertilizers, pesticides, faeces, rotting plants and water. In the operation, some parts and soil, crop rhizome and animal fur, such as material friction and serious wear, and some components are subjected to a larger dynamic load and impact. Therefore, in agricultural machinery manufacturing, the use of corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, antifriction, impact and fatigue resistance and other properties of low-cost, raw materials based on the country's resources of metal and non-metallic materials, and the use of a variety of treatment processes to improve and improve the performance of these materials. Steel pipe and cold-formed steel: small-load seeder and cultivator, such as the machine frame, commonly used square or rectangular section of Low-carbon steel welded steel pipe, the larger load of the plough, Chisel plough, disc plow and Harrow, such as the use of low alloy manganese steel. The use of thin steel plate cold bending of the trough steel or rolled edge groove steel manufacturing seeder and cultivator, etc., can be compared with the use of hot-rolled steel frame significantly reduce the weight. High-precision cold drawn thin-walled seamless steel pipe suitable for the manufacture of agricultural machinery hydraulic system hydraulic cylinder.

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