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Knowledge about the stone cutting machinery

- Aug 23, 2017 -

Stone cutting machine is also called stone cutting stone machinery which is a cutting knife group, stone conveyor, positioning guide and frame composed of multi-knife multi-level stone cutting machine, cutting knife group in the upper part of the stone conveyor and placed in the rack, The cutter group is composed of a motor, a belt, a cutter wheel shaft and a cutting tool, and the cutting tool is fixed on the cutter wheel shaft.


This stone cutting machine can be different for different depth of stone cutting processing, less than 1m3 below the stone processing, that can turn waste into treasure, greatly save stone resources, but also conducive to protecting the environment. That can be all kinds of stone for mechanical cutting processing, processing efficiency is high, combined with the effective use of small stone, so that lower production costs.

In the machining process, the plate cutting commonly used methods are manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine cutting and cutting machine cutting. Manual cutting flexible and convenient, but the poor quality of manual cutting, size error, material waste, follow-up processing workload, while poor working conditions, low production efficiency. Semi-automatic cutting machine in the profile cutting machine, cutting the workpiece quality is better, because of its use of cutting mold, not suitable for single, small batch and large workpiece cutting. 

Other types of semi-automatic cutting machine, although reducing the labor intensity of workers, but its function is simple, only suitable for some more regular shape of the parts cut. CNC cutting relative to the manual and semi-automatic cutting method, can effectively improve the efficiency of cutting plate, cutting quality, reduce the operator's labor intensity. At present, some small and medium enterprises in China even in some large enterprises in the use of manual cutting and semi-automatic cutting is also more common. At present, with the development of modern machinery industry, the sheet metal cutting work efficiency and product quality requirements also increased. So the market potential of CNC cutting machine is still very large, the market outlook is more optimistic.

From a variety of CNC cutting machine application situation, the domestic production of CNC cutting machine technical level, the overall performance of the overall level have made gratifying progress, and gradually catch up with the international advanced level to meet the needs of users, to further improve the market Competitiveness. Some of the domestic CNC plasma cutting products in many ways has formed its own unique characteristics, to achieve the "automation, multi-functional and high reliability." In some ways, the technical performance of the product even exceeds the foreign product. Improve the production efficiency of CNC cutting machine and cutting quality, reduce production and use costs, improve the level of automation and system stability, improve the system function as the direction of its technology development.

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