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Introduction of agricultural machinery

- May 19, 2017 -

The origins of agricultural machinery can be traced back to the age of primitive use of simple agricultural tools. In China, the Neolithic period of Yangshao culture (about 3000 BC 5000) had a primitive land tool, Shang. In 13th century BC, the use of copper plows for cattle farming. To BC 3rd century, the spring and Autumn period of the Warring States, has a range of arable land, sowing, harvesting, processing and irrigation, such as iron, wood farming tools. Before and after the 90 BC, Zhao invented three rows of Columbine, that is, three rows of drilling machine, the basic structure is still being used. By 9th century, a fully-fledged animal-plow-Plough was formed. In the "Min to Surgery" (about 540), "Shang Sutra" (about 880), Wang "agricultural book" (about 1310), "Heavenly Creations" (1637), and other ancient books, for various periods of agricultural production used in the various machinery and tools have detailed records. In the west, the original wooden plow originated in Mesopotamia and Egypt, and began using iron-plough in the 1000 BC. From 19th century to early 20th century, it was the age of developing and using new Animal Farm machinery. In 1831, the United States C.H McCormick created the successful Mara Harvester. The first horse-drawn corn harvester was introduced in 1836. In the past 1850-1855 years, we have made and promoted the use of grain seeder, lawn mower and corn sowing machine. At the beginning of 20th century, tractors, powered by internal combustion engines, began to replace livestock as traction power was widely used in various field operations, and to drive a variety of stationary operations of agricultural machinery.

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