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Informations that you do not know about the types of color coated boards and apply practical

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Boxing mingsheng provides color coated board for many years.On the performance characteristics of prepainted steel coil , we summed up the following information of different types of the color coated board:

1.Solvent-based ethylene color coated plate with excellent flexibility, good chemical resistance, coating hardness, medium, because the paint is not volatile, low content, multi-channel coating to achieve the required coating thickness, it is mainly used in anti-deep Red or require the formation of harsh products, such as ceilings, cantilever and so on.

2.The organic sol coating has excellent processability and good decorative properties. The coating thickness of the coating is usually 50μm. It is mainly used for deep filling of metal cans, hoods and covers for indoor applications.


3.Paint-colored color coated board has a strong corrosion resistance, abnormal adhesion and flexibility, good resistance to damage, chemical resistance and resistance to grease, excellent weather resistance; coating thickness of up to 300μm; The surface can be embossed, but also the use of plastic sol-specific rheological properties of automatic shrinkage to form a stripe; coating elongation at 180% elongation. Therefore, the plastisol is a versatile material with excellent resistance to damage, decorative and outstanding outdoor life. Typical applications in the building wall, roof, bridge deck, between the wall, shelf, electrical box and so on.

4.Polyester color coated board has a good combination of outdoor durability and coating performance (flexibility, hardness, etc.); moderate degree of chemical resistance; cost medium; coating generally with epoxy paint for primer, excellent adhesion The Mainly applicable to the construction of the roof, walls, mobile homes, awnings, travel car wall, etc., does not apply to serious corrosive environment.

5.Silicone modified polyester color coated board with excellent outdoor durability (Baoguang color); good coating performance: hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance; flexibility than polyester color coated plate slightly worse; The cost is high; the paint is correct and the chemical resistance is good. Mainly used for outdoor construction.


6.Polyvinylidene fluoride color coated board with the best outdoor durability; paint selection of the most durable pigments, can withstand UV erosion; good flexibility; chromatographic uneven, only bright dark and white; expensive; Only for outdoor use. Mainly used for industrial and commercial construction of metal outer wall panels, curtain panels, roof, pillars of the package and so on.

7.Zinc-rich primer coating can be molded, can be welded, corrosion-resistant, and can be washed in addition to finish. Mainly for the automotive industry. Acrylic color coated board, due to the wide variety of acrylic paint monomer can be prepared a variety of performance coatings, mainly used for topcoat, but also for primer, the price is medium, can be made of water-based paint, aluminum has good adhesion , The coating hardness is high, but the flexibility is slightly worse. Mainly used for decorative panels, residential wall panels and so on. As the acrylic coating of the flexibility of less than polyester coating, in recent years, no significant development of acrylic color coated plate. The acrylic paint on the aluminum has a good adhesion, therefore, mainly for aluminum.

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