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How to use the bridge saw stone machine in the mountains

- Aug 08, 2017 -

Bridge-type diamond disc saw is the main structure of the type of sawing machine by the beam and the combination of the system composed of trailers, the use of trailer up and down the way to achieve vertical feed, the carriage along the beam around the lateral movement to achieve lateral feed, the main The type of disc saw is simple, compact, low cost, high production efficiency, wide range of applications, is the most common stone machinery, which in the stone industry has been widely used.

Many of our customers have purchased a bridge saw stone machine after they want to work directly in the mountains, then we need to prepare some necessary conditions to use the saw stone machine.First of all, our bridge saw stone machine can not be used on the ground, we must set up two high-profile to place the saw stone machine.Diamond saw stone machine, mainly used for cutting marble, granite, bluestone, tombstone and so on.


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