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how to choose the rock cutting machine

- Jul 07, 2017 -

Rock cutting machine and equipment, the rock cutting machine is the most widely used marble cutting machine,granite cutting machine,today we summarize how to buy under the stone cutting machine as stone cutting machine manufacturers, On the 6-step, for users to choose.

First, hand holding sandstone cutting machine, feel better feel, switch the handle should be flat. Turn on the power, manually operate the switch, observe the switch on and off function is reliable. At the same time observe the scene of the TV, fluorescent lights are abnormal, in order to confirm whether the rock cutting machine is equipped with a valid radio interference suppressor.


Second, the first power run for one minute, running hand holding, hand should not feel any abnormal trembling, observe the exchange of sparks, the sparks should not be more than 3/2, generally from the granite cutting machine inlet Look at the surface, there should be no obvious arc on the commutator surface. When running, there should be no normal noise.

Third, observe the product packaging, packaging should be clear, no damage, open the box to observe the appearance of rock cutting machine should be uniform color, plastic surface no obvious shadow and dent, aluminum casting paint smooth and beautiful without defects, the whole Machine surface should be free of oil and stains. The length of the cable should generally be no less than 2 meters.

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