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History of Stone machinery

- May 19, 2017 -

Stone processing has a long history, the earth has its own human activities, there are stone processing, so that archaeologists to the ancient human life of the age division into Paleolithic and Neolithic age. In the Paleolithic age of 2.5 million years, stone tools were the main tool of human labor. From 8 000 years ago, mankind began to grind the stone axe, Shi, Stone chisel and stone shovel, cut the grinding disc and make the stone hammer, stone tablets, stone tools as the main tool. Later, with the advent of metal tools, mankind gradually mastered a variety of stone mining and processing methods. The stone wool plate processing originally uses the pendulum sand saw, the sawing machine frame uses the rope hangs, the feed system relies on the gravity counterweight completes. The clamping mechanism of the saw blade is clamped by a wedge-shaped block. Abrasive mainly used river sand, by artificial sand and add water to complete. SAW cutting plate size is small, uneven thickness, surface roughness is large. The processing process is simpler, the product is single, the labor intensity is big, the quality is poor. Before the Industrial Revolution, all stone mining and processing were done by hand. It was not until the 19th century that the first machine for processing Stone had appeared in Europe, which brought a revolution to the stone processing industry. Stone Machinery after the invention, stone processing from the heavy manual labor freed. Since then, stone processing began from manual operation to the mechanization direction.

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