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Domestic Stone Machinery Market

- May 19, 2017 -

The overall level of stone machinery in China has a gap compared with the international advanced level. In the journey towards the arc polishing machine manufacturing power, opportunities and challenges coexist. Product design is the soul of manufacturing, product structure, function, quality, cost, delivery time and manufacturability, maintainability, End-of-life treatment and human, machine and environmental relations, in principle, in the product design phase decided. With the progress of society and the development of national economy, the demand for resources and energy is increasing, and China is a country with relatively poor resources. With the development of resources, mining depth gradually increased, extending from the land to the sea, the conditions of resource exploitation are deteriorating, the situation of safe exploitation is becoming more and more serious; China's coal mining depth has reached 1000m, the concentration of metal ore reaches 1380m, the depth of ore mining increases, and the difficulty of groundwater, gas, highland stress and geologic structure greatly increases. Therefore, the requirements of the stone mining machinery is also more and more high.

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