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Demand for agricultural machinery

- May 19, 2017 -

1.1 Rural agricultural machinery demand for greater potential: China's vast land, but also a large agricultural country. China's agricultural land has 1.5 billion acres, but the use of agricultural machinery is relatively low relative to the developed countries, such as the Chinese Consumer Association survey in 2006, China's South Rice harvester utilization rate is only 20%, so China's rural agricultural machinery demand potential is very large. With the advancement of rural industrialization in China, there is a great potential for the use of agricultural machinery in the future. 1.2 Rural purchase of agricultural machinery differences and levels of prominent: China due to the vast geographical area, the distribution of rural areas is also relatively decentralized, in the purchase of agricultural machinery is also very difficult to buy as the city crowd, which led to the rural market agricultural machinery purchase differences and levels of very prominent. First, rural areas to purchase agricultural machinery level is different, and rural plains, hills, grasslands, mountains and rivers of different terrain on the demand for agricultural products is also different. Second, rural areas in the same region, even if the level of affluence is different, so there are differences in the purchase of agricultural machinery. Third, China's rural market also has a hierarchy, roughly divided into eastern, central Plains, the west of the three-storey market ladder, the three-tiered market for farmers in the agricultural machinery consumption of consumer psychology, consumption structure also exist different. 1.3 Rural purchase of agricultural machinery is exemplary.

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