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Laminated Glass Machine

Laminated Glass Machine

laminated glass machine 1,parameters on machine Process EVA//TPU laminated glass Product yield at least 99% Adopt Germany heating technology Only 0.5kw for 1 sqm of glass 2, Uses and features Performance features: 1) We adopt Germany technology , carbon fiber far infrared heating system. Each...

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Product Details

laminated glass machine

1,parameters on machine

Process EVA//TPU laminated glass Product yield at least 99%

Adopt Germany heating technology Only 0.5kw for 1 sqm of glass

2, Uses and features

Performance features:

1) We adopt Germany technology, carbon fiber far infrared heating system. Each layer has independent heating system, heat up faster, ONLY need 3-5 seconds for 1℃. Turbo blower ensures hot air to circulate inside the furnace, temperature inside the furnace is equa·and temperature difference does not exceed 2℃.

2) Our glass laminating machine can adopt NEW PVB/TPU/EVA film as interlayer to produce architectura·laminated glass, top grade decorative laminated glass, bulletproof laminated glass, armored glass, etc. The similar machines from other loca·suppliers can do EVA glass lamination only.

3) Advanced vacuum system

We adopt wind-cooling vacuum pump, Italian design, working stable and structure beautiful. It could continuously work for 24 hours. Vacuum rate reach up to -0.09 — -0.098Mpa. It's equipped with vacuum buffer tank, even in case of interruption of electricity supply, the tank could ensure vacuum for silicone bag and make sure high product yield.

Double vacuum system makes vacuum faster and better.

4) Our machine produces curved tempered laminating glass in one step, no need autoclave and pre-pressing machine. Max bending height reaches 400mm. If you have autoclave, our laminating glass equipment could work with it to produce curved safety glass easily and economically.

5) PLC control, al·program could be completed automatically. Heating time and temperature could be adjusted according to the glass thickness. Working status could be shown on touch screen.

Our machine has self-check function, any problems, you could also check on touch screen. It is very easy and safe to operate.

6) It adopts silica ge·plate which is imported from USA, thick 3 mm, it could stand high temperature to 180°C.  Quality guarantee period keeps 4 years in norma·condition. Each layer silica ge·can put glass around 36mm thickness and it improves processing efficiency. Silica ge·plate which produces in domestic factory features aging fast, short life, poor sea·and low vacuum.

There is stee·mesh on each tray to ensure that smal·size glass could be processed by our machine. In each silicone bag, there are 2pcs of teflon mesh to protect silicone bag from being broken by glass.

7).Fully automatic glass lifting platform is hydro pneumatic, more durable. It makes the processing easy and safe. It needs only 2-3 workers. It greatly saves your labor cost.

8) The machine could be used as multi-working station machine. You can decide how many layers you wil·use according to your order quantity. When the machine is working, you could combine glass and load into extra silicone bags, then put them up to the railway on the top of the machine. It wil·save you much time.

9) We have five items of patented technology

·Unique design of double working station saves a lot of space and time. It makes processing more convenience.(Patented Certificate No.:Z·2012 2 0700050.7)

·Silicone bags are made by imported materials with 3mm thick. It can stand high temperature 180℃. In norma·condition, it can be used for 3 years. (Patented Certificate No.:Z·2013 2 0556578.6)

·Vacuum nozzle is made by copper with our patented design. It can make sure no air leakage after nozzle removed. (Patented Certificate No.:Z·2012 2 0729629.6)

·Patented heating technology (Patented Certificate No.:Z·2012 2 0700064.9)

·Outside appearance (Patented Certificate No.:Z·2013 3 0387512.X)

10)Unique Technology

·It has unique advantages in processing bending laminated glass. There is enough interior space for 400mm height arc glass.

·We have technology for processing LED laminated glass and switchable glass. Easy processing only needs one step by our machine.

·Our machine has unique advantages in bulletproof laminated glass, architectura·laminated glass and high grade decorative laminated glass.

11 ) e could provide you installation video. If needed, we could do free home installation and technica·training for free. Besides, we also give you the operation parameters for different glasses, such as architectura·laminated glass, decorative laminated glass, float glass, tempered glass, etc. Accurate parameter is essentia·for high product yield. In other words, saving money is earning money.

3, Product qualification

As we have both the price and quality advantage , our machinery sells wel·al·over the world. We factory can help you win the market and produce the goods as customers' demands.

4,Selling to more than 68 countries&regions No clients'complaint in recent 6 years

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As one of the leading and professional manufacturers and suppliers of various machineries in China, we always pay high attention to quality and performance. If you are interested in our laminated glass machine made in China, please rest assured to buy. May our price not the lowest but the most competitive. Here we are waiting for you.