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Rice Transplanter With Different Rows

Rice Transplanter With Different Rows

Model Technology Specification Unit Specification 2ZS-6 Type Two wheels three floating plate types Dimension( LengthxwidthxHeight) (mm) 2370×2280×910 Weight (kg) 187 Engine Name MZ175-B-1 Engine Power (kw/rpm) 3.3/3600 type Air cooling four stroke OHV Engine Working lines 6 lines Working speed...

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Rice Transplanter with different rows

ModelTechnology Specification


2ZS-6TypeTwo wheels three floating plate types

Dimension( LengthxwidthxHeight)(mm)2370×2280×910


Engine NameMZ175-B-1

Engine Power(kw/rpm)3.3/3600

typeAir cooling four stroke OHV Engine

Working lines6 lines

Working speed(m/s)0.28-0.5

Line distance(mm)300

Seeding distance(mm)210;180;160;140;120

seeding depth(mm)15-35

Working capacityarce/hour0.25-0.6

paddy wheelstructurerubber wheel


Transplanting structurecrank rocker structure


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Agricultural machinery purchase subsidy is one of the important policies of the Party Central Committee and the State Council for strengthening agriculture, benefiting farmers and enriching farmers. The implementation of the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy has created conditions for the implementation of the “four excellent and four-oriented”, high-efficiency breeding industry and green food industry transformation and upgrading of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, which has effectively promoted the structural reform of the agricultural supply side and the rural revitalization. Implementation of the strategy.
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