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Mini Ridging And Mulching Machinery

1, Multi-purpose Ridging and Mulching Machine 2, It is used for ridging and mulching. 3,Multi-purpose countryside supervisor can connected with lots of farm tools which can realize many different functions. 4, It is easy to operate and to maintain.

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Product Details

3WG-6 Multi-purpose Ridging and Mulching Machinery



Main parameter:

ItemTechnical     parametersOverall     dimension(mm)2800×1300×1010Weight(kg)220Ridging width(cm)60-120Ridging height(cm)                  20-40Rotary cultivation, ridging and     mulching machine    Each one group


2, Uses and features

It is used for ridging and mulching.

Multi-purpose countryside supervisor can connected with lots of farm tools which  can realize many different functions.

It is easy to operate and to maintain.


3, FAQ

Q:What is the minimum order quantity?

A:Minimun order quantity 1set


Q:What kind of payment do I use?

A: payment Irrevocable L/C at sight or T/T (30%down payment and 70%balance payment against the scan B/L).


Q: When the manufacturers shipped the product?

A: delivery term within 15 days after get the down payment.



it shows the function of ridging, it is can use singlly or together with mulching function.

this is function mulching, it is easy to operation.


our package is seaworthy pacckaging.

this is the whole machine with function ridging and mulching.

,5,Mechanized deep loosening technology
Mechanized deep loose soil preparation technology is a farming operation that does not turn over the soil. It is an advanced and practical use of mechanical loosening of soil, breaking the bottom of the plow, deepening the tillage layer, and creating a virtual and coexisting soil structure without disturbing the original soil structure. Farming techniques.
Soil is the basis for the growth and development of crops, and is an important factor to ensure stable grain production and increase production. Year after year of shallow ploughing, rotary tillage and machine rolling, human and animal trampling, plus a large number of unscientific application of chemical fertilizers, resulting in serious soil compaction, shallow tillage layer, thicker and harder plough layer, density, porosity It becomes lower and the water permeability becomes worse, which hinders the penetration of water in the soil and the storage of natural precipitation. In particular, the rotary tillage operation in successive years has led to a large reduction or even extinction of cockroaches and other organisms in the soil, the destruction of soil capillaries, and the deterioration of soil nutrient transport capacity, making it difficult to maintain the demand for water, fertilizer, gas and heat in the normal growth of crops. The phenomenon of surface runoff is very prominent, and the ability of soil water storage and conservation is obviously insufficient, which seriously restricts the stable production and increase of grain crops. Mechanized deep loosening can effectively improve the permeability of the soil, which is conducive to the deepening of the roots of the crops, the effect of water storage and drought, and the promotion of gas exchange, mineral decomposition, activation of microorganisms, and fertility. It is one of the main contents of land conservation tillage technology. The mechanized deep-slung land preparation technology conforms to the current trend of advocating the development of low-carbon agriculture. The application of this technology can not only increase crop yields, but also ensure the sustainable development of agricultural production without increasing input.